July 29, 2018

One post to rule them all, One post to find them, One post to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.

This is my first post. There wasn't another one on this blog EVER ! I'm just kidding. Welcome to my blog, come in and sit down maybe this is something you want to hear. But what the hell is going on here.


The idea behind this site was born way back in 2012. This was the time where I started with YouTube. My name is Jan-Niklas and this site should be the Homepage to my channel. I'm a visionary, a pragmatist, a weirdo and a megalomaniac, but I'm on the good side. And there is my problem. I always want to do anything by my self and I'm never satisfied with my work. So I started many and I mean many tries to start this page. Self coded wasn't right, Wordpress wasn't right and so on. I took me over 6 Years to make a blog and let me say something: This is everything that it always should be. And it took me so fucking long to realize. But nevermind, now we are here on my BLOG . But who the fuck am I?

My Introduction

Who am I? I'm a lovely, dreamy and romantic maniac. If that's not a good combination than I don't know. I am currently studing Computer Sience in Aachen, Germany. And as you already see my english isn't the best. But it was enought for my traing as IT specialist for system integration and my vocational diploma. Now guess my age?

hä... hä... Waht do you think?

You are abolutly right? I'm 20. So enouth from my little introduction. What is this all about? As I said in the first introduction this site was planed as a website for my youtube channel. Than it should be a site to show all my projects like youtube, my coding projects and my design projects. But that never happend as you probably already guessed. Since than many things happend. First of all I changed the name of my Youtube chanel. Than I started a project with some friends (a big thing).

If you not in interested yet than I'm sry. Maybe you like my coding blog or you like my gaming and youtube blog (but this blog is in german).

Thank you for reading.